Shop & Collect on Return

Love shopping for bargains at the airport, but hate struggling with the extra bags? With our Shop & Collect on Return service your travel experience just got easier!

So now, in addition to being able to pre-order your items in the comfort of your own home, you can now pick up your purchases when you fly back home.

Shop & Collect on Return is a free service, available when you are flying within the UK & EU.

We will store your goods securely whilst you are away, then on your return to the airport, they will be ready and waiting for you at a convenient collection point after you have cleared passport control and claimed your luggage.

To use the service, simply tell the assistant in-store that you would like to Shop & Collect on Return service, they will ask you to provide your return flight details and they will then take care of the rest for you.

Shop & Collect on Return is perfect if you fly very infrequently and want to stock up on your favourite items and get the benefit of airport prices all year round.

In addition, it's a great way to get around the current restrictions on carrying liquids on your return flight.

So as you add items to your pre-order, don't think about your immediate needs, with Shop & Collect on Return you can stock up for to meet your future needs.

Flying to a non-EU Destination

If you are flying to a non-EU destination sadly due to customs policy you are unable to make use of this service and your items must be exported with you. On the bright side though, as a non-EU passenger you can make use of your duty free allowance including a wider range of great value spirits, plus cigarettes and tobacco.

Customer research comment:

Have you ever used our Shop & Collect on Return service?

'I often make use of this great service. I tried it first on a single bottle of spirits and now I use it to stock up on all my essentials. Earlier this year I bought all the Champagne for my birthday party. I just wheeled it out to the car on arrival. Great savings, none of the hassle.'