About WDF

WDF operates 84 stores in the UK and the Channel Islands, primarily at airport locations, ranging from some of the smallest regional airports through to Heathrow, the world's biggest international airport - and everything in-between.

WDF comprises Alpha Retail's UK operations, which were acquired by Autogrill in 2007, and World Duty Free - the newest addition to the Autogrill Group - acquired in 2008.

WDF's philosophy is based on an exceptional focus on the customer, which starts with extensive customer insight gained from research, backed up by operational experience built up over the past decade. An in-depth understanding of each location's customers enables us to tailor our retail offer and optimise every opportunity.

We believe in making the WDF shopping experience a very special part of every customer's journey. We are committed to offering our customers not only exclusive, but also the newest, the latest and the most exciting products, alongside timeless classics that people always look for in the stores. We have also taken customer communication to a new level, developing an exciting cocktail of in-store media and events, which, when combined with innovative retail design and development, draw new customers into the store and give frequent shoppers an ever-changing store experience.

WDF's expert knowledge, unparalleled customer service and comprehensive product ranges across many general and specialist retail formats, ensure that we give our customers the best shopping experience with every airport visit.

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